Tips for do-it-yourself home stagers

Do you have a home you are about to sell and you want to make as much money as possible? Here are a few tips I can share with you. These tips are not in order of importance as this could be different for any house, depending on it's state.

Talk to a local agent about your house and ask what sort of person might be interested in your house. Will it be a young couple, an affluent family, migrants etc etc. You need to know what the target market is and try and dress your house to suit them. Go and buy a couple of home magazines to try and see what's trendy in the way of furnishings at the moment. You may not need to replace larger items, as sometimes adding a few on-trend cushions, accessories or artwork, is enough to freshen up a space.

Declutter, declutter, declutter! Start your packing early and get rid rid of all dated or personal items. You'll have to pack eventually, so why not start now? Use your garage as storage or if you can't give up your car space for a couple of months, ask a family or friends if they have a shed or garage you could use. Do not pile up a spare room!

Need an extra bed to dress the spare room but can't afford one? Buy a blow-up bed from a camping store and place it on sturdy boxes or milk crates. Throw over a padded valance and you would never know it's not a real bed, unless of course, someone sits on it!

Group decorative items in three. This is the golden rule of thumb for all decorators and stylists. A lamp, some books and a candle on a side table or three plants in pots of varying sizes. Two cushions and a throw rug on a lounge.. the options are endless.

Dress the beds in crisp white linen with a padded valance (if you have an ensemble bed). You can get beautiful white sheet and doona sets from places like K-Mart or Target for around $35 each for a queen size bed. Dress with three or four cushions and a co-ordinating throw or bedcover to complete the look. I always use two plain coloured square cushions leaning up against the white pillows, then place two patterned rectangle cushions in front of them. The throw usually matches the plain cushions.

Buy cheap ferns or other indoor plants and pot them in crisp white vases. The angular look is very much in at the moment and you can buy these from your large hardware stores or garden centres.

Clean grout and sealants in wet areas. You can use bleach, water and a toothbrush for grout, or vinegar and baking soda for a natural alternative. Sealants can be a little harder to clean properly. I used baby wipes (tissues fall apart) pushed up along the sealant with bleach poured on them. Left overnight, they generally do the trick. If this doesn't work, I will use a scalpel and get rid of the old grout and re-seal the area with new sealant.

I'll save some more tips for another post. Good luck with your DIY endeavours!

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